Here we are, you have registered the account, you have entered your info in the profile, now the time has come to upload your works and show everyone the demos of your websites.

galleries of web design demos

First go to your account by clicking on ‘My account’ menu item on top.

Always click there when you need to acceed to your account submenu

click on menu item my account

Now click on ‘gallery’ submenu item inside your account.

click on gallery

Now click on ‘Create a Gallery’ then select the type and fill title and description

Our galleries can contain images or documents (pdf). keep in mind what you want to upload in your gallery before selecting the type, because photo galleries do not support documents and vice versa

create gallery

Upload your pics or documents in the new gallery

Now you can upload your pics if is a photo gallery otherweise your docs. If you want an advice, Is useful to upload a pdf of your entire website that is opened directly by Google docs…

upload your documents